Wasp Eye Lash Glue

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Introducing Wasp Eye Lash Glue, your go-to solution for flawless lash application. In a convenient 3ml size, this latex eyelash glue ensures a secure bond, drying clear for a seamless finish.

WASP Glue is specially formulated to be non-abrasive, latex-free, and water-soluble, making it ideal for those with sensitive eyes. The glue applies in white, allowing for precise placement, and dries completely clear within 90 seconds, providing an effective and long-lasting hold that keeps lashes locked into position.

Rest easy knowing that Wasp Glue is gentle and harmless to natural lashes. Elevate your lash experience with this reliable and user-friendly adhesive that combines effectiveness with sensitivity, ensuring a comfortable and beautiful lash application every time.


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